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Windscreen Replacement

Premier Windscreens will always try to repair a chip before replacement required, but sometimes this isn’t possible due to type of damaged, size and location. If the whole windscreen needs replaced our qualified technicians will get you back on the road in record time.

Premier Windscreens can invoice selected insurance companys, if we cannot you can pay up front and reclaim the cost directly from your insurance, if you are not covered by insurance we can provide a no obligation quotation and offer interest free finance on the replacement to help ease the costs. 

Service Provided

Windscreens come in all shapes and sizes, 15+years ago the options were limited usually only the tint of the windscreen changed to glass i.e green tint, bronze or clear, nowadays windscreens have antennas, heating, coated pvb layers, acoustic pvb,  heads up display, rain sensors, adas camera brackets the list goes on. 

Luckily Premier Windscreens operate our own bespoke software which we are able to accurately determine the correct windscreen fitted ( 98% accurate! )


Laminated windscreens are two pieces of glass are attached to one another using polyvinyl butyral (PVB) which is a type of transparent plastic. Extreme heat and high pressure is applied to the windscreen which in turn fuses the PVB and the sheets of glass together, when your windscreen cracks its usually just the outer layer thats damaged. The pvb layer keeps you safe to allow you to carry on your journey home before booking your replacement


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