ADAS Calibration

We are Edinburgh’s ONLY ADAS centre capable of recalibration of windscreen mounted front facing safety cameras and bumper mounted radar devices.

Premier Windscreens use the Hella Gutmann system to re-calibrate front facing camera’s, the process normally takes around 30-60 minutes dependent on vehicle make and model,  you can then be assured the vehicle’s safety features are working perfectly thus helping to keep you safe on the road.

Common ADAS Systems.

  • Automatic Parking

  • Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC)

  • Adaptive Head Lights

  • Adaptive Light Control

  • Automatic Braking System (ABS)

  • Blind Spot Monitors

  • Pedestrian Monitors

  • Proximity Monitors

  • Driver Drowsiness Detection

  • Collision Avoidance System

  • Forward Collision Warning

  • Sign Recognition

We can calibrate 90% of vehicle makes and models, from front facing cameras, bumper mounted RADAR systems, 360 degree camera and rear camera systems.

Thatcham Research provide a comprehensive list of Vehicle Makes/Models showing current fitment of these safety system if you are unsure if your car has an ADAS System

We can provide ADAS Calibration on-site providing strict conditions are met. This service is only available to workshops, car garages, bodyshops and main dealerships as the conditions we have to impose on providing this service means we cannot do on your driveway.

At Premier Windscreens Edinburgh we value your safety, if a competitor is advising that you do not require calibration of your ADAS systems just to save money we advise you to contact us.  Non calibration of ADAS systems will affect your insurance cover in the event of an accident and may effect your vehicles warranty should anything go wrong with them in future.